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Gaz is one of the well known cyclists in a growing community of those using cameras. With over 34,000 Youtube subscribers and more than 9,8000,000 online video views, his channels and videos are among some of the most popular of their kind. Gaz has spoken on Radio, TV and in national cycling campaigns about the use of cameras and the power of videos.

4 responses to How not to pass a cyclist

  1. I’m famous 🙂

    I’ve reported to roadsafe and TFL, just have to see if I get any response.

  2. Wow! That has to be one of the most outrageous ones I have seen on the net. That guy wants severe reprimand for such dangerous manoeuvring!
    Stay safe 🙂

  3. Why did he do it?? He wasn’t even stopping. Appalling driving and a nasty piece of work!

  4. Rushing to get past a traffic island, no proper observation of the traffic conditions and for what? To end up in slow moving traffic. This man is supposed to be trained professional driver. I hope TFL respond appropriately.

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