71 Drivers in Croydon with more than 12 points

Apparently there are 71 drivers in Croydon that are still driving with more than 12 points on their license. In each case the court has decided that banning the drivers will cause exceptional hardship. One of the drivers has got more than 17 points and been banned 3 times in 4 years.

Driving to me has always been seen as a privilege. You are allowed to get up to 12 points on your license and after that it gets taken away from you. Well that is what is meant to happen. Courts all across the country are letting people who routinely break the laws of the road back on the road. If you depend on your vehicle to live, to earn money or to provide for your family. Then your driving should be squeaky clean, some of these 71 drivers have been caught several times for the same offences, those offences include; speeding, no license, no insurance and using mobile phones.

There is a reason why these drivers have got points, they are breaking laws and rules of the road and they should be banned, have their vehicles seized and crushed!

3 thoughts on “71 Drivers in Croydon with more than 12 points

  1. Bizarre. If I did a burglary, and the court imposed a fine and/or prison sentence, I could hardly claim that the punishment caused exceptional hardship and therefore should be waived.

    Have you got a link to the source?

  2. That’s nothing, our penalty point chart in British Columbia Canada goes up to 50. Like the UK, most offences get 3 points. For 50+ points, the penalty is a $24000 premium charged to renew insurance. Not sure if anyone actually racks up 50 points, but every now and then we hear about someone in the news arrested for drink driving dozens of times yet still drives.

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