Cycle lanes don’t keep us safe

It has been said countless times that painted cycle lanes on the side of the roads don’t keep us safe. Despite this, our cycling facilities seem to be made up of mostly this, painted cycle lanes on the side of the road.

The magic paint lines obviously don’t keep other, much harder and faster vehicles from straying into them, and the consequences of them doing so can be huge. As the cyclist in the above video found out, being in the position designated to us on the road doesn’t equal safety and being hit by a bus that was driving in it was not a pleasurable experience!

5 thoughts on “Cycle lanes don’t keep us safe

  1. Classic cutting the corner negligence from the driver. We can see a slight flicker on the road surface and lamp post after the first car passes without incident, so it looks like his lights were on. The driver had every reason to avoid the rider including the warning of the marked cyclelane

  2. I feel sorry for the people who legally have to use bike lanes that are clearly far to narrow. It would be better for there to be no paint at all. Sometimes it’s best to face the truth about these lanes: they exist only for political reasons and are not actually suitable or safe for cycling in.

  3. I do not envy cyclists in America. On a visit to Chicago late last year all the cycle lanes I saw were being blatantly ignored by all road users sometimes by Chicago police!!

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