Cycling is good for everyone

Over 500,000 bicycle journeys take place each day in London but imagine what it would be like if the cyclists didn’t ride and took other means of transport.

They would fill

  • 297 Central Line Trains
  • 6,250 Double decker buses
  • 2,240km of traffic if we each drove an average sized family car

Cycle can save you money

  • £1816 a year in congestion charges
  • £1208 on an annual zone 1-3 travel card

A simple message, trying to get people to love the cyclists, as without them the roads would be jammed packed of other traffic. Also trying to get a few more cyclists on the road by letting them know the amount of money they could save by starting up. Or would they save? as most of us cyclists know, it’s very easy to buy plenty of accessories and tech.

All credit to I Bike London Blog, for providing the video on vimeo and the original blog post.

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