How not to lock your bike – 1

I see many bicycles locked in many different ways in my travels across London, some of them are locked as well as can be and others are left for thieves to take their pickings.
I’ll be posting when ever I see a bike which could be locked better.

The first one is locked to set of railings

They are using a £125 Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit lock. Which as the name suggests, you should just be able to lock it up and for get about it. But this relies on you using some common sense. The kryptonite lock is looped around the front wheel, the frame and some small chain link. That chain link is locked through the rails.

This bike could easily be removed in two ways without even touching the Fahgettaboudit lock, what is the point in buying such a good lock and chain if you aren’t going to use it properly!?

4 thoughts on “How not to lock your bike – 1

  1. If you look up FAIL in the dictionary there would be a picture of that bike 🙂
    I see plenty of bikes that are just frame locked to post/railings etc, even when the lock is big enough itself to lock frame+1 wheel!
    I used a D-Lock and cable hoop combo, cable hoop goes round frame and front wheel then D-Lock goes through other end of the loop, frame, rear wheel and round whatever I’m securing the bike to.

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