5 thoughts on “Silly Cyclists – Episode 19

  1. Gaz you really do have then down there in south London 🙂 I don’t seem to see so many up here in north and west London. Or have I just gotten used to it.

    Been following your videos for a while now and there is some serious sillycyclist out there, shocking ain’t it.

    1. I see a vast amount of cyclists per day as i’m cycling on one of the busiest roads for cyclists into London. This obviously means i’m going to see some idiots on the roads. At this time of year i’m actually struggling to find them and film them because most of them are the seasonal cyclists that pack up as soon as it gets below 20 degrees

  2. And coming home tonight, I see someone cycling with no lights, no reflector, and nothing whatsoever adding to his visibility. And not holding primary position either, obviously … Some people have a death wish!

  3. WOW! The guy with the Aero bars makes me shudder! Especially when the silver Volvo is pulling out towards the end…….Just stupid!

    Lee Wardle
    Give Cyclists Space FB group

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