Silly Cyclists – Episode 22

It’s that time again, and it’s another cracker. With a video submission at number 1, me at number two and a whole load of silly cyclists before. I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to like and comment 🙂

Silly cyclists almost made it onto the One Show on the 17th of February but the footage was not used in the piece they did about cyclists and helmet cameras.

8 thoughts on “Silly Cyclists – Episode 22

  1. Hey, as every a great episode. There is so many people out there saying that cycling, cars and road are dangerous. That you will get hurt by other road users etc etc

    It is very clear to me and TfL* that it is the cyclist themselves that are a danger to themselves.

    That cyclist jumping the kerb could easy have face planted. And then there is yourself 🙂 be careful mate.

    * A survey that came out last year, showed that the two main reasons for cyclist gets hurts, is themselves. Jumping the kerb and cycling in the door zone. Can’t find a link atm.

  2. Great video. Like the ‘good cyclist’ section too. I couldn’t understand the attitude of the guy with no lights, unfortunately, he’ll probably learn the hard way. Just hope it only hurts his wallet.

  3. I Really enjoy your silly cyclists episodes and the new segment is good…. I have got my sony lcd tv linked up to the internet so I can watch youtube on a big screen.
    what about a picture of you so we can relate to the person behind the camera… 😉 lol

  4. Another great video – keep up the good work Gaz!

    +1 for the good cyclist’s behaviour and your decision to highlight it – we need more friends and less enemies in our overcrowded urban environments.

    Shame that the one show didn’t use this, but I suppose it didn’t fit with their “war on the streets” cyclists vs drivers commentary.
    Thanks to you and the internets for a less sensational take on the issue.

  5. I’m partly glad I’ve moved house and don’t share part of my commute with you anymore, I’d have probably been featured eventually.

    Hopefully in the Good Cyclists section of course! Although we all make mistakes…

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