Why are cyclists using video cameras?

I’ve spent a few weeks off the bike due to my injury so I spent some time looking back at what I had recorded and decided to make a video that highlights some of the worst drivers I have experience.

I’ve certainly had some interesting moments with drivers in London but lets not get disillusioned about this. This is only a small percentage of drivers, I must have thousands of interactions* with drivers each week. And I may only get 1 really bad driver and maybe a handful of ‘could have done better’, the rest are fine.

* By interaction I mean me passing a vehicle or a vehicle passing me

5 thoughts on “Why are cyclists using video cameras?

  1. even if its only the few the damage they do over time is like a corrosive malaise – I try really hard not to let it get to me and in general vent verbally in the moment to rid myself of the bad sensations – I also notice that I suffer from a mild post traumatic syndrome where bad incidents will replay often suffer spontaneous violent revisualisations that affect my levels of stress – I felt it watching the last interchange between you and the taxi guy… so I am not so forgiving as you – its their obligation to pass safely – the 99% are not doing you a favor they are doing as they are obligated to do in a civil society – the 1% – or for me the 1 or 2 a day – are simply an ignorant stupid but highly corrosive toxic presence in the life of a cyclist…

  2. I agree with silkred’s sentiments entirely. The number of times where I am genuinely placed in danger are thankfully rare. What wears me down and spoils my cycling is the everyday rudeness, bullying and lack of consideration. I do not accept that close overtakes that ‘only’ scare me witless should be tolerated with stoic resolution. Ditto using the horn as a weapon of intimidation for the crime of taking primary for a few seconds at a pinch point.

  3. Last time I think I did a full compilation like yours Gaz was 2008 with the Impatient Drivers videos. I feel inspired to try and compile another. Although not common it does end up with spoiling a ride, or making you bloody miserable at work when you’ve had to deal with some ranter turning the wheel towards you.

    I really would like Roadsafe to go national. It would make the reporting a lot easier, as you know many of us have had issues with reporting.

  4. I lucky in that I do much of my riding on a University campus, where there is a much bigger risk of an interaction with a pedestrian or another cyclist than a motor vehicle.

    1. I wouldnt worry too much. If the London School of Economics is right in that there are 13 million regular UK cyclists the risks become pretty low.

      The more of us who are open about the risks, issues, and most importantly how great cycling is the better it will get. It takes a little effort to promote but its worth it imo.

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