Are you giving up cycling?

I returned back to the office today and saw my colleagues for the first time in 6 weeks. It was great to be back to at work, 6 weeks of day time TV will send you bonkers! Everyone was asking how I was and the usual questions but one I was asked several times and stood out the most.

Are you going to give up cycling?

My answer is certainly not. It’s my passion, I’ve been cycling since I was a child, through school, into uni and now doing most of my miles on my commute to work. I want to live everyday to the max and enjoy my self. I might have been hurt this one time but I will bounce back and do many more miles.

When people tell me that cycling is dangerous. I always reply with the following

Most of the world’s population die in bed, I would rather spend as much time as possible out of bed.

And it just so happens that when out of bed I like to ride a bicycle 🙂

An update on how I’m doing as I know some of you are interested. I’m feeling a lot better, up and about more and moving my arm a little bit more freely. My physiotherapy is going well and my movements are improving, I still have limited movements in my arm and struggle to move it by its self. My clavicle is nearly fixed, I’ve got an update with an orthopaedic doctor in 2 weeks and by that time it should be nearly done.

How long till I’m back on the bike? Who knows, as soon as I can get back on the bike I will be on the turbo. I’m not going to put my self onto the road until I know I’m fully 100% fit.

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  1. Glad to hear your mending up quick! I guess the “are you going to give up cycling” is one of those questions you just expect to get asked after an accident and is one of the standard responses – similar to how everyone always asks “Did that hurt?” with tattoos!

    I wonder if they would ever consider asking if someone would give up driving (or any other activity for that matter) after an accident?

  2. It would be like asking…

    Are you giving up eating, the day after a bad meal.

    Are you giving up drinking, the day after a heavy night out.

    Standard questions, the day after the night before. But I agree, cycling (and staying fit generally) is part of life.

    Are you giving up cycling? Er… no! Are you giving up breathing…..?

  3. Glad to hear you are getting better. I do like your answer to the question …

    Most of the world’s population die in bed, I would rather spend as much time as possible out of bed.

    and @WestfieldWander nice reply too.

  4. Got asked the very same question in 2008.

    More likely to die from booze (65% of all head injury admissions to A&E are booze related falls), more likely to die from cancer (1 in 3 people get cancer for a start), more likely to die from a heart attack (half a million a year iirc), more likely to die on a motor cycle (around 6 time more likely), more likely to die from a bee sting…

  5. glad your are progressing gaz, I too have been cycling ever since I was a kid and even sitting on a little seat on my mums bike before that. like you said live everyday to the max…….;-)

  6. I suffered exactly the same response from my cow-orkers: and the usual, “oh biking isn’t dangerous, but I am” jokey response didn;t go down as well as I thought it might. It’s hard to remember their concern is for your wellbeing. Eventually I found this, and it expressed how I felt biking best. The ones that ‘got it’ understand, and the ones that didn’t? Well, there really isn’t much point trying.

  7. I went through the same experience after breaking my collar bone in a cycling collision. Everybody thought I’d be mad to continue cycling, which as somebody here pointed out, is a bizarre response really. You don’t ask someone if they are going to stop walking if they’ve had a fall. Happy cycling!

  8. How you going with your healing dude? I did my clavicle around the same time as you last year after hitting a car (that drove in front of me at an intersection) while cycling home. Going in for surgery in a few weeks to remove the metal plate that was holding it together while it healed. Still have some tissue damage/issues but the physio is confident we’ll be able to get it sorted out over time and patience. Right now over 6 months after my prang I have about 90% original movement and strength in my shoulder/arm and pain is mostly pretty minimal apart from a few times when is spikes up after a long day. Looking forward to getting paid my compensation to buy a new bike! 😀

    1. I’m doing good thanks. Got full movement in my shoulder, the area is sore to touch, i’m unable to wear a seatbelt properly or wear a backpack as it hurts to do so.

      Good luck with getting it removed, I hope you have a full recover afterwards.

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