Lillian’s Law

Back in 2010 on the 26th of June, young Lillian Groves was hit by a car and unfortunately died later in hospital. The police found cannabis in the driver’s blood and a half smoked joint on the dashboard but the driver was only sentenced to 8 months in prison due to the driver only being tested for drugs 9 hours after the incident, at which point the levels of drugs in his system was not enough to prosecute under causing death by careless driving while under the influence of drugs.

Backed by the Croydon Advertiser, Lillian’s parents are calling for the government to change the law and procedures which deal with drivers under the influence of drugs.

It would include rolling out a drug test kit which can be used in the field. This is to attempt to catch and prevent drug using road users, who are involved in as many as 1 out 5 road deaths. These test kits are already widely used in Australia and United States of America.

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4 thoughts on “Lillian’s Law

  1. I filtered past a car in Camberwell last night and for that distinctive smell…. It’s shocking that drugs testing on the scene if there is any suspicion isn’t already standard nowadays.

    1. I’ve smelt the grass a few times, oddly enough mostly in the morning. Who the hell needs to chill out that early lol? The driver didnt look/behave out of it, but obviously its in the car, so I put the plates and concerns on crimestoppers. I’m sure I’m not the only one to do this as workmates have confided in me they use the website.

  2. I’ve asked a couple of Twitter faves to retweet the petitiion in the hope it gets more signatures (Ned Boulting, Cycling Plus, etc) Perhaps others could ask celebs and pro cyclists to retweet the link?

    Lets get it past the 600 signature mark and into the 10k mark!

  3. They have recently introduced this in NZ, if an officer believes a road user is under the influence of drugs they can be tested just like with alcohol. Havent seen any figures yet but is reassuring to know that they at least have the powers.

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