Primary Position and Squeezing

Primary position is key in some positions and this is one of them. The left lane keeps going straight and the right lane goes to the right. But drivers try to squeeze in where they can from the right lane into the left. I will let drivers in if it’s safe but when someone starts taking the piss like the following one it’s not clever. The driver knows where I am, and even when I sound my horn he continues to squeeze me.  In the end I have to give way and brake, he isn’t going to want to hit the traffic island, so he will turn into me and I will get hurt, I don’t want that!

2 thoughts on “Primary Position and Squeezing

  1. That’s the I’m bigger than you, and I’m going to push you out of the way, even though it gains me nothing – type of idiot driver.

  2. Pretty clear-cut example of twattery on the road, indeed. Clapham North to Clapham South is a bad stretch, even at 3am on the wide CS7 road, you STILL get idiot drivers harassing you… although the pavement invitingly is literally as wide as the road on the left going southbound… what a waste of space that could make a quality cycle-lane if only the abject oxygen-wasters in TFL Roads would get their heads out of Boris Johnson’s arse.

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