5 thoughts on “TFL made this video

  1. I disagree, The video show NOTHING about cycling infrastructure. It is a terrible film and TfL should be ashamed of it! Now if you are talking about spin then maybe it is a good film. lol

    1. Its clearly not designed to show that – looks to me that its designed to show ordinary people that cycling can be an ordinary part of life for shopping and travel. That you dont need specialist clothing or bikes

  2. Nice, but…

    this video is asking for a parody… with helmet cam scenes of TfL’s reality!

  3. What, no pinch points without cycle bypass, and no 20 cm-wide cycle lanes? You sure it’s London? I kid! If I went around on the backstreets instead of the main streets on weekends I found riding around London like this video. Of course you can’t do many commutes or many trips without coming across busy places. Get them to fix up your barclay’s superhighways and have them traverse the entirety of central London instead of terminating as they enter it! Maybe they’ll have learned something from Velo City 2012 (pretty sure there were quite a few UK delegates from various levels of government there)

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