Upgrade to camera system

Anyone that follows me on youtube will know that last week I tested out a mount for my ContourHD that would attach to the rear of my bike via the seat post. After the success of the test i decided that I would upgrade my camera set up and have my ContourHD as a rear view camera and a ContourHD 1080p camera on my helmet. Much like the setup of the New Zealand cyclist TheVexatiousLitigant. A really important thing for me was that the mount shouldn’t interfere with my legs when i pedalled. I have used a few brackets for rear lights that have rubbed on my leg and it gets very annoying rather quickly. Due to the slim nature of the part that is connected the seat post, this isn’t an issue.

The mount.
I’m using a 3 RAM parts and the universal adapter for the ContourHD. The RAM mounts are rail base with ball & zinc u-bolt, double socket arm for 1″ ball and  1″ ball with 1/4″-20 alum stud. The end result looks like this:

The reason I got this is A. i wanted to upgrade to the 1080p anyway and i thought i might as well as keep the camera i have and use it on the rear. B. I wanted a better camera for the rear, the muvi i had wasn’t giving me the quality i wanted and it kept on turning off randomly which seemed to be down to me using OS X and the spotlight files left on the card.

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