Cyclists aren’t allowed in the bus lane

September 9, 2011 — 10 Comments

At least that is what sparge2 thinks.


Not every city or area lets cyclists use the bus lanes but in London we can, I understand that not everyone will be aware of this. But I have also been told to get out of the bus lane by a motorcyclist in London, haha!


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10 responses to Cyclists aren’t allowed in the bus lane

  1. Really, there are so many different ways to approach the basic sentiment that they both think you’re a second-class citizen on the road.

  2. On video comments like that I tend to slomo through the vid, find the blue sign and tell them if they understand what said sign at 14 seconds etc means.

    Half the time I think they’re doing it to be argumentative trolls, matey.

    • Its not the first time that “sparge2” has commented on gaz’s videos and its with the same level of literacy, articulation and cutting, incisive logical argument.

      Either they are a clever fellow who know precisely how to construct such comments, someone with too much time on their hands who thinks they are being funny, clever, or both or an absolute imbecile who believes their own shit.

      I’m inclined to go for a mix of all three but in greater proportions of the latter than the former.

  3. Just horrifying. Glad you’re okay, Gaz, and all power to you for posting this.

  4. My erm, “most popular” video involves a bus driver and provoked a storm of comments along the same lines

    from “That bus driver did nothing wrong….Its you the bike riders who are in the wrong…You ride on the middle of the road then you ride in the bus lane….Buses are big and harder to stop so give the bus drivers more room and stop going around and making trouble for bus drivers…..”

    to “This is your fault GET OUT OF THE F$&*ING ROAD!!!!!!”

    and not forgetting “damn, he missed..”

    I think a number of these comments come from America which might explain the confusion re: bus lanes but I think largely they are just anti-bike

  5. There spaellng is excllnet.

  6. Considering the amount of cyclists who get killed by buses in London every year, you’d think bus drivers would be a little more courteous.

    Honestly, I think drivers like that guy should be made to take driving lessons again for a week.

  7. I recognise the bus manoever as a standard one – get in front of the cyclist only to pull in quickly brakes on for the next stop – I found in my experience that Kensington High Street was one of the worst places for this… I would imagine little cyclist stickers being lined up along the dash each time…

    Personally I write to the bus companies each time and have in the past had replies – I always address my to the CEO of the overarching owner, to the police via Roadsafe and copy Boris Johnson in for good measure remembering Spike Milligans advice to go to the top when he ushered his secretary to get the head of the then Milk Marketing Board when his daily delivery was late 🙂 seems good advice.

    Bus drivers have a difficult stressful job but in this case he made no ground and gave everyone more stress for no reward. A sadly common result for most abusive driving.

  8. Can’t wait until sparge2 finds my channel now 😉 I dread to think what insightful and articulate comments they’d come out with!
    Might be a good idea to remove the caps lock key from the keyboard first and engage a little bit of thought before the next brain fart….

  9. On my YouTube channel @tom994uk I also have a video of a bus pulling out of a give way on me. After sending the video to the bus company I got a response saying they did investigate the incident using the bus’ CCTV as well as my camera footage. They don’t disclose the result but it would seem they take dangerous driving by their employees quite seriously It’s always worth consulting their superiors for an opinion of their driving.

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